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FourSight author, Gerard Puccio, PhD.


Theorists are known for creating elegant, original solutions.

Theorists are great at the drawing board: that is, they have great energy for playing with lots of ideas and unbound enthusiasm for weighing, refining and elaborating on the most promising of those ideas. Theorists are highly conceptual and theoretical thinkers. It could be said that they’ve never met a challenge they couldn’t resolve—at least on paper. The Theorist has a tendency to believe anything and everything is possible. If thinking could only make it so… But Theorists have trouble grounding their thinking in reality. Don’t bother them with the facts. They have little patience for examining the problem and its

history. And don’t expect them to get their hands dirty with putting their plans into action. They’d rather toy with ideas and work them to perfection. The watch out for Theorists is the risk of focusing on the wrong problem and running out of gas before getting the solution on the road. Theorists may do well to collaborate with Clarifiers and Implementers. They can improve their innovative output by taking more time to explore the challenge or opportunity and by putting greater effort into carrying their ideas through to completion.