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FourSight author, Gerard Puccio, PhD.


Realists are known for delivering targeted results.

Realists are practical, pragmatic and predictable. They like delving into problems, refining ideas and taking action. Realists, like Analysts, tend to be rational and methodical in their approach to innovation. But unlike Analysts, Realists have energy for transforming their ideas into action. They find a problem, they find a solution, and they throw their energies into making it a reality. Their challenge is to learn to allow their imaginations to

take flight and to stretch for out-of- the-box approaches. Collaborating with Ideators and learning to trust their intuition may increase their range of results. Realists become more effective as they learn to stretch their thinking to consider more alternatives and possibilities. Realists may benefit from the deliberate use of innovation tools and techniques to expand their ideas.