Toolset Learner Kit

The Toolset Learner Kit comes complete with all the materials you need to teach the FourSight Innovation Toolset 1-day workshop. Purchase one per participant, so each learner can get a folder that contains their participant guide, a process cheat sheet, a process walk-through (Innovation Station), a post-it note cover and a reminder card. In addition to the printed materials, this learner’s kit also includes access to the beta version of “Tools” on the FourSightOnline app. English only. Available only to certified FourSight Innovation Toolset trainers.

This learner kit includes:

  • FourSight Innovation Toolset Participant Guide
  • Innovation Station Worksheet
  • FourSight Framework Process Cheat Sheet
  • Post-it Note Cover
  • Wallet Reminder Card
  • Access to the Beta Version of “Tools” on the FourSightonline App



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  • FourSight Toolset Learner Kit
  • FourSight Toolset Learner Kit