FourSight Toolset Certification

Become a FourSight Certified Toolset Facilitator.

Deliver valuable innovation insights and skills to individuals, groups and organizations with the FourSight Innovation System. During the Toolset Certification, you will learn to teach a 1-day course (delivered online or in-person) that helps participants move past their innate thinking preferences and build skills that will help them clarify, ideate, develop and implement so they can perform and collaborate more effectively.

Toolset Certification*
4-session certification course + coaching call
Learn to train a 1-day (online or in-person) course on FourSight tools and process
includes Presenter Guide, 10 course packs, scripted slideshow, and more

*Prerequisite:  Mindset Certification

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Live Virtual Toolset Certification (4-session course + coaching call)

  • Oct 5 (9-10:15 CST)
  • Oct 6,8 & 9 (8 – noon CST)
  • Coaching call date TBD


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