Creativity Unbound


By Blair Miller, Jonathan Vehar, Roger Firestien, Sarah Thurber and Dorte Nielsen. Published by FourSight. 5th Edition. Soft cover. Coil binding. 110 pages.

This training manual is a fun, fast introduction to core concepts of creativity. With dozens of creative thinking tools and a step-by-step introduction to the creative problem solving process, it’s a perfect primer for people who want to boost their own creativity. “Creativity Unbound: an introduction to creative process” also happens to be required reading at the International Center for Studies in Creativity and the primary text in the Massive Open Online Course entitled “Everyday Creativity,” because the authors (all of whom have Masters of Science degrees in creativity) base their work on solid research and included complete academic citations. So, while it’s a fun read, this friendly, approachable book, now in its 5th edition, is fast becoming a creativity classic.

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