Online Beta: FourSight Certification in Mindset

Deliver valuable insights to individuals and groups using the “FourSight Thinking Profile.” This online version of FourSight certification in Mindset gives you a deep dive into FourSight history and research and prepares you to deliver individual and group sessions. Certification is a perfect fit for anyone charged with improving team effectiveness, including facilitators, HR and OD specialists, coaches, trainers, educators,  and innovators who are looking for a new tool to facilitate collaboration, communication and innovative thinking.

Register for online certification in Mindset, and get:

  • “Certification: Online Beta” Learner Map to guide you through the course
  • “FourSight Innovation Mindset: Presenter Guide” with tips, checklists, agendas and logistics
  • A scripted slide show to make you an expert from your very first time
  • 10 assessments & 1 “prototype activity kit” for practicing
  • 1-hour group coaching call
  • Discounts on future purchases of the “FourSight Thinking Profile”


Because this is a beta version of the new online certification, we’re offering you special pricing in return for feedback on what worked and what could have served you better as you learn to debrief FourSight.



$2,295.00 $900.00


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