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Sign up for our 2-day FourSight Presenter Certification. Discover how top universities and companies like BBC, BNP Paribas, Disney, HP, IBM, Kimberly-Clark, J&J, Nike, Prudential and Samsung deepen their understanding of problem-solving preferences and honing their effective thinking skills with the FourSight Thinking Profile.

The 2-day FourSight Certification is designed for thought leaders, team leaders and organizational leaders who are looking for a new tool to unleash creativity and innovation in teams and organizations.

During the FourSight Certification, learn best-practices for debriefing the FourSight assessment with individuals, groups and teams. FourSight master trainers coach you on how to use FourSight to maximize your impact as a trainer, consultant and innovation practitioner.

Completing this certification will expand your understanding of other thinking styles and learn how they impact a group's energy, enjoyment and productivity at work, and you will learn to share this insight with others in a high-impact training.

Certification includes:

  • Your own FourSight profile and Presenter's Guide
  • A scripted PowerPoint presentation
  • Activities to show FourSight preferences at work
  • The latest research on the FourSight assessment
  • A user account at FourSightOnline pre-loaded with practice assessments
  • An opportunity to practice debriefing the instrument with other experts
  • Free follow-up coaching webinar

Cost: $1,995 USD 

For more information about certification, or to learn how to host an in-house certification, please contact Diane Testa at 847.971.6829 or info@foursightonline.com .

Upcoming certification dates:

October 26-27, 2017 | Evanston, Illinois

February 5-6, 2018 | St. Petersburg, Florida

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Feb 1-2, 2016 Oriando, Florida
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