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FourSight author, Gerard Puccio, PhD.


Optimists are known for delivering original solutions.

The Optimists’ creative energy really picks up steam when called on to think up new ideas. They remain fully engaged and enthusiastic through subsequent stages of refining those ideas and are even able to maintain momentum into implementation. Optimists are imaginative and playful, while possessing sufficient drive to refine and implement the best ideas. Where the Optimists’ energy wanes is in the earliest stage of bringing a problem or opportunity into focus. Knowing the details may dampen their enthusiasm as they are forced to take a closer look at reality.

And while ignorance can sometimes be bliss, Optimists may put a lot of energy into solving the wrong problem or chasing opportunities with low yield. Optimists may do well to collaborate with Clarifiers. Learning to spend more time collecting information and identifying the real problem or the most promising opportunity will do much to enhance their effectiveness. While Optimists are good at reacting to a situation, they can expand their repertoire by being more proactive when it comes to focusing on the right problems to solve.