2017 May News – FourSight Goes to University

5 May 2017 at 12:50 by Sarah Thurber



M A Y   N E W S   2 0 1 7

Universities around the USA (and Canada) are making FourSight part of their curriculum and culture. To name a few: Michigan State, Harvard, Notre Dame, Sheridan College, Berkeley, MIT, University of Virginia and now Wake Forest University have welcomed FourSight on their campuses. 

FourSight Goes to University

Q&A with John Champlin,
Human Resources Team at Wake Forest University

How did you hear about FourSight?

When I joined the HR staff at Wake Forest University, MBTI, Gallup Clifton StrengthsFinder, and the Intercultural Development Inventory were the assessment tools we used for team and leadership development. After a number of staff changes, we began to seek out new assessments that we could utilize. Three HR team members went to the FourSight certification in Orlando. Halfway through day one of the certification, I was hooked. It was different, and I saw how it could be meaningful to our university.

Do you use FourSight to promote innovation?

Like many other institutions of higher education, Wake Forest works to balance tradition and innovation.  FourSight reassures members of our campus community who don’t think of themselves as particularly innovative or creative that they are valuable and have much to contribute. It assures them, yes, you are creative, and your creativity shows up in one or more of these preferences. It provides an entry for people who have previously felt excluded from the conversation about innovation.

Has it impacted Wake Forest’s culture?

As different and diverse groups among the administration, staff, and faculty at Wake Forest take the assessment, we can start to gain a clear picture of Wake Forest’s broader approach to breakthrough thinking and innovation.  I now have all 270 people on an overall university group profile. I show it toward the end of our and ask, “What does this say about us?”

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R E S E A R C H 

A study by Adobe asked college-educated professionals “How important did you feel creativity was going to be in your career while you were in college?” and “How important do you feel creativity is to your career now?” The importance of creativity in their careers now was more than they anticipated in college.

The Importance of Creativity While in College

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