2017 January News – Best of Creativity Conferences Around the Globe

20 January 2017 at 05:30 by Sarah Thurber


2017 JANUARY  N E W S 

B E S T O F . . .
Creativity Conferences Around the Globe

It’s that time of year…the time for best-of lists! These creativity conferences focus on creative problem solving, training and group facilitation. Each has its own spin. Some welcome beginners, while others tailor their offerings to academics or expert practitioners. Here are FourSight’s favorites:

CPSI group brainstorming
5-days | mid-June | Buffalo, NY
Attracts: Beginners and Experts
Focus: Creative Problem Solving
The Creative Problem Solving Institute (CPSI, pronounced sip-SEE) is the granddaddy of creativity conferences. For more than 60 years running, it has embraced both beginners and practitioners alike. Hosted by the Creative Education Foundation, CPSI offers multi-level training programs, including youth and teen programs. They teach process using the FourSight model of creative problem solving and offer workshops that cover creative coaching, tools, consumer insights, parenting and design thinking. http://www.creativeeducationfoundation.org

Past Workshops: Creative Problem Solving Tools & Techniques, Training Creative Problem Solving, Coaching Creatively

CREA workshop
5-days | mid-April | Sestri-Levante, ITALY
Attracts: Beginners and experts (English & French)
Focus: Creative Problem Solving
Located in Italy and offering workshops in both French and English, CREA attracts the most international audience of our picks. Therefore, CREA is a fantastic opportunity to make international connections and to get a pulse for creativity on another continent. CREA is targeted for professional facilitators looking for the latest in facilitation techniques, but it also offers an introductory class, often attended by those in the innovation space who want to deepen their understanding of creativity. In addition to workshops, CREA excels at creating a sense of community. There are daily “sharing circles” (small group discussions at the end of each day) and extraordinary meals (the wine doesn’t hurt either…). http://www.creaconference.com/en/

Past & Future Workshops: The Foundations of Creative Problem Solving, The Art of Facilitation, Design Thinking and CPS

CEE Teresa Amabile Interview
2.5-days | mid-October | Buffalo, NY
Attracts: Creativity Trainers
Focus: Best-practices
Hosted by the International Center for Studies in Creativity in Buffalo, NY, the Creativity Expert Exchange (CEE) draws alumni from its masters program as well as high level practitioners and researchers in the field of creativity. Not a conference for beginners, but a great place to go to elevate your expert practice in creative thinking skills and process. http://www.cee-conference.com/

Past Workshops: CPS Meets Six Sigma, Demolishing Cognitive Blocks to Build Mental Flexibility, A Daily Dose of Ethnography

APA conference
4 days | August | Washington, D.C.
Attracts: Academics
Focus: Psychology Research
For those looking for more of an academic bent, the American Psychological Association hosts an annual convention and all of the big-wig creativity researchers show up. Think names like James Kaufman, Ron Beghetto, Robert Sternberg, John Baer, and David Cropley. APA is all about research; for practice-based approaches, go with CREA, CPSI or FourSight (or all three). http://www.apa.org/convention/

Past Workshops: Creativity and Innovation in Organizations, Neuroscience of Creativity, New Directions in Creativity

FourSight forum group
FourSight Forum
1.5-days | Early February | Orlando, FL
Attracts: FourSight Practitioners
Focus: Research, Theory,
The FourSight Annual User Forum has two major benefits. One, it brings together certified FourSight users and lead FourSight practitioners for networking and sharing best practices. Two, FourSight shares the latest in research, theory, products and practice. Plus, it’s in Florida, which is a nice relief from the winter weather farther north! Check out this year’s “trailer:”https://spark.adobe.com/video/scMgPc6x6gWIB

Past Workshops: FourSight and Design Thinking, FourSight Preferences and Executive Leadership, The Polarities of FourSight Preferences, New FourSight Group Activities, Poster Sessions. Contact Info@foursightonline.com to inquire about attending.

*Attendees of the FourSight Forum are required to be certified. FourSight offers a certification course in conjunction with this conference. If you’re traveling to the conference, you could double the impact of your visit.

2-days | November | Karachi, PAKISTAN
Attracts: Beginners and Experts
Focus: Creativity, Leadership
KLIC (Knowledge Leadership in Innovation & Creativity Conference) is Pakistan’s first major creativity conference. Although we didn’t include it in our top five, KLIC, now in its third year, attracts great people already and will continue to grow.

Past Workshops: Re-thinking Work: A Practical Primer on Self-management, Design Thinking for Social Innovation, Using Storytelling and Appreciative Inquiry to Drive Change

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