2017 February News – Once a year

27 February 2017 at 12:03 by Sarah Thurber


F E B R U A R Y N E W S 2 0 1 7

FourSight forum selfie

Once a year…

In the dark days of February, the FourSight team flies down to Florida for a gathering of the tribe. The FourSight Forum invites 30 top users to pool their knowledge of FourSight research, stories, best practices, technology, new products, sales tips and creative insights. Then we take a group selfie (above).

Next step: share the knowledge!

Of course, we want to share those discoveries with you. In upcoming newsletters, look for news on:

  • FourSight preferences and “the teachers pet”
  • Insider tips on how to read a group profile
  • Cool features of the new FourSight app

Now, click below for your first 2-minute research update.

Research: FourSight and Job Fit

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