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So, what’s an idea?

Ideas fuel innovation. No ideas? No innovation! But what are ideas exactly? In this interview we ask Gerard Puccio PhD, author of “Creative Leadership” and the “FourSight Thinking Profile” and chair of the oldest Master of Science program in Creative…

5 Things to Unlearn about Creativity

Sarah Thurber, FourSight Managing Partner, shares 5 myths and misconceptions about creativity that may be holding you back.

What We Ask (And What It Means)

Thanks to Simon Sinek’s brilliant Ted Talk “Start with Why,” we all know the value of entering into a challenge by answering the question why? But not everybody instinctively starts with why. Research from FourSight tells us that different preferences…

Teaching FourSight to the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

I’ve worked as a productive thinking facilitator for most of my professional life—strategy sessions, creative problem solving workshops, innovation initiatives, conflict resolution, mediation, community engagement, organizational restructuring, and negotiations, from mergers to breakups. I’ve never had a use case quite like…

Wandering Wisely

MARCH NEWS 2018 Traveling over spring break? Bring along the ultimate travel companion, FourSight, and make the experience more enjoyable for everyone involved.