Are Thinking Preferences Making Your Big Decisions?

Deciding on a "dream home" is a very different process, depending on whether you are a Clarifier, Ideator, Developer or Implementer.

The First Ever Innovator Profile Study

Who are the people drawn to corporate innovation? And what attracts them to the challenge of bringing “new and improved” to organizations? FourSight decided to find out.

FourSight Colors and What They Mean

The FourSight colors were chosen deliberately, if not exactly scientifically. Here’s why we chose blue for clarify, orange for ideate, green for develop and red for implement.

Viva Implementers!

How do you get Implementers to do their "homework?" FourSight gave one trainer a tailor-made solution...

Polar Vortex Hits FourSight Headquarters

January 31st, 2019
Arctic temperatures hit Chicago. See how various thinking profiles reacted.