2017 November News- Creative blocks? Could be a Preference Thing

Having trouble working with someone? Their FourSight thinking preferences could be at the root of the problem. People with different thinking preferences often find each other baffling, off-putting, even infuriating. We can't understand their approach to problems or their decision…

2017 August News- Should B-Schools Teach Collaboration?

December 29th, 2017
    MBA project teams can experience a lot of stress, dysfunction and conflict that can really get in the way of accomplishing goals and tasks. Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management students wanted their teams to work better together. FourSight expert…

    2017 September News- The Cognitive Commute

    A recent study on health and wellbeing from the University of Waterloo reported a surprising discovery: People with the longest commutes have the lowest life satisfaction. Apparently, the daily stress of a long commute can erode our sense of wellbeing.…

    2017 July News – Hey Uber, Your Thinking Preferences Are Showing

    July 25th, 2017
      JULY NEWS 2017 Hey Uber, Your Thinking Preferences Are Showing Last month, Travis Kalanick who started Uber in 2009, stepped down as CEO. Under his leadership, Uber had grown from an idea into a private company valued at $62 billion…

      2017 June News – Creativity: A Treasure Chest of Cognitive Jewels

      June 11th, 2017
      JUNE NEWS 2017 Creativity: a treasure chest of cognitive jewels FourSight Managing Partner, Sarah Thurber, was honored with the Alumni Achievement Award from the International Center for Studies in Creativity. Her amusing, inspiring graduation address was captured on an iPhone.…