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FourSight author, Gerard Puccio, PhD.


Ideators are known for generating original ideas.

Ideators can dazzle others with their ability to use imagination to generate so many ideas—ideas that are often out-of-the-box. But while coming up with ideas is critical to innovation, be aware that others may judge you as overly impractical and outlandish. Find people who will listen and not judge your thinking. When you are being judged, don’t allow your creative spirit to be squashed. You think in very broad, conceptual terms. When communicating your ideas to others, recognize that you may need to offer more concrete descriptions of your ideas (i.e., how they will work, what the benefits are, what they would look like in

action, etc.). If this is a challenge for you, partner with others who think in more concrete terms. You are a highly fluent idea generator; however, the flood of your ideas can sometimes overwhelm others. Avoid the tendency to share every idea. Learn to prioritize and communicate only those ideas you believe have solid promise. Balance your bent for new ideas with an ability to focus. Realize that you can’t chase every idea. Learn to be more selective and find strategies that help you to stick with one idea long enough to make it a reality.