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FourSight author, Gerard Puccio, PhD.

Idea Broker

Idea Brokers are known for capitalizing on opportunities.
Idea Broker

Idea Brokers are innovation activists. They do their homework. They generate and play with lots of ideas. They quickly buy into an idea and move on it. Effective Idea Brokers know which problems and opportunities are worth pursuing. They are quick studies when it comes to thinking up and judging ideas. But the watch out is that Idea Brokers can become so enamored with an idea they have a tendency to jump straight into implementation. That’s because their energy tends to dip noticeably during the step in the

breakthrough thinking process when they are called upon to develop rough ideas into workable solutions. Idea Brokers could improve their effectiveness by allowing more time for the idea’s evaluation and development. They may do well to collaborate with Developers. They would be wise to cultivate patience for developing prototypes that could be used to test and refine their best ideas before they race into action.