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FourSight author, Gerard Puccio, PhD.


Hares are known for facilitating complex challenges.

Hares appear to lead the pack in the race for innovation. They are wonderful planners. They do their homework to find the right problem. They use their imaginations to explore varying approaches to the situation. They deliberately select and develop their best ideas. They know precisely what needs to be done, making them highly effective advisors. With ease and grace, the high-performing Hare brings an opportunity to the brink of action. The problem arises there on the

brink. Hares may suddenly lose focus and doze off before their brilliant idea makes the leap to reality. For such a promising candidate, the only element missing from their process is the actual doing. For this reason Hares can sometimes overestimate what they can accomplish. They may do well to collaborate with Implementers who can help make their plans operational. The moral for the Hare: Don’t forget to finish the race.