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FourSight author, Gerard Puccio, PhD.


Finishers are known for executing complex solutions.

Finishers take great pride in getting the job done. Hand them a good idea and they’ll make it better— and make it happen. They have great zest for analyzing and developing ideas, as well as putting them into action. They are most effective when presented with a problem and a promising idea. They can be very determined when it comes to moving an idea from rough plan to reality. They are quick to refine the solution and implement it. This speed, however, can come at the expense of a more deliberate approach. The Finisher tends to breeze past—and sometimes skip over—the critical early stages of the innovation process (i.e.,

checking the data and playing with ideas). They may overlook opportunities and novel approaches and find themselves frustrated in the face of people who insist on revisiting an overlooked piece of data or championing an alternative approach. Finishers may do well to collaborate with Clarifiers and Ideators. They can benefit from examining the situation more closely before committing to an approach, and opening the floodgates to a wider range of options before ideas are rushed to completion.