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FourSight author, Gerard Puccio, PhD.

Early Bird

Early Birds are known for their strategic insights.
Early Bird

Early Birds take on a challenge with lots of energy. They enjoy finding problems and opportunities to tackle. They are quick to think up ideas and possible solutions. Early Birds at their best have a sixth sense for which problems to focus on and effortlessly come up with clever ideas and original solutions. Their potential watch out is the half-finished initiative—those really great ideas that never get off the ground. That’s because, after bringing the problem into focus and coming up with brilliant ideas, they tend to grind to a halt. Their energies fade rapidly as their brilliant idea

goes through necessary stages of refinement and gets put into action. Early Birds can benefit from strategies that help them see an idea through to the end. They may do well to collaborate with Developers and Implementers. They can improve their innovative output by learning to pace themselves and save enough energy for the final stages of refining solutions and bringing them to action. Quite simply, Early Birds would be wise to keep their eye on one task before getting distracted by the next interesting opportunity.