Get expert guidance to…

  • create greater impact with your FourSight practice
  • develop your facilitation skills
  • assist in customizing your sessions
  • help with proposals and pricing

Getting coaching with a FourSight master trainer is the fastest way to gain confidence, customize your offering and deliver value to your clients. On your call, you can get help designing your session or talk through ways to manage tough participants. Learn about other techniques and activities for improving group energy and deepening learning.

Russ has coached and mentored FourSight practitioners around the world. He has more than 19 years experience in deliberate creativity, innovation, problem solving, high performance and change leadership. He is known for facilitating FourSight innovation programs worldwide including programs in Singapore, Italy, Australia, England, India, New Zealand, South Africa and the US.

Draw on Russ’ experience in any way you need.

Coaching sessions will help you:

  • Customize proposals for larger engagements
  • Learn how to use FourSight for multi-month engagements
  • Price for success
  • Enhance your facilitation skills
  • Gain a variety of tools/activities to enhance your sessions
  • Anticipate participant curve balls and how to handle them
  • Increase the odds that your sessions rock!

Coaching packages:

Sessions* Per hour Price
1 $300 $300
3 $266 $800
5 $255 $1,275

*60 minutes
Next step: contact Russ directly at to schedule a complementary 15 minute call to explore the possibility of working together

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Paulina Larocca

former Global Creativity and Concept Director
Pernod Ricard Winemakers

I hired Russ to coach me on developing and rolling out a multi-month creative leadership training program. He was fantastic. I learned so much for him. In short, Russ made me look like a star. I will work with him again and highly recommend him to everyone looking for a fantastic creativity facilitator, trainer and coach.

Judy Bernstein

VP, Insights and Innovation
CBA Research

Russ is an enabling teacher and a master practitioner. He was immediately able to set ‘lessons’ in relevant understandable contexts for me. From working with him, I immediately increased confidence in my own abilities to design, sell and deliver high impact creativity and innovation workshops.

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