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FourSight author, Gerard Puccio, PhD.


Clarifiers are known for understanding what problem to solve.

Clarifiers have a desire to know all the facts, figures, history and details of a situation. This thirst for information is essential for innovation, but it can sometimes impede forward movement. Try to recognize that it is not always possible to have all the facts, and that the effort to secure all of the facts is sometimes not worth the investment of time. Strive to become more comfortable with ambiguity. Try not to get too caught up in historical approaches to challenges. The future is not always a direct line extension of the past.

Learn to recognize when the tried-and-true must be abandoned for the new-and improved. Clarifiers take a straightforward and methodical approach. Recognize that breakthrough thinking does not always progress in a predictable step-by-step manner. Be open to those who are less methodical than you. Avoid being overly cautious. Recognize that in some cases any action is better than no action. Work on your tolerance for taking risks.