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FourSight author, Gerard Puccio, PhD.


Analyst are known for thinking things all the way through.

Analysts enjoy exploring problems. They have a knack for thinking critically, scrutinizing situations, evaluating information and working with details. Without a moment’s hesitation, the effective Analyst can cherry-pick a promising idea and develop it into a workable solution. Overall, their approach is very calculated and scientific. They want to be sure the right problems are being addressed. They can’t rest until raw ideas are weighed, refined and carefully worked into realistic, elegant solutions. Analysts are “serious” thinkers. They don’t care much for playing with lots of ideas or pushing their solutions into action.

Not surprisingly, their potential watch out is being too dismissive of playfulness—and too scornful of the messy business of putting theory into practice. They need to remember that imagination can grease the wheels of a “stuck” problem; playfulness can improve working relations; and enacting solutions is the only way to fulfill their promise. Analysts may do well to collaborate with Ideators and Implementers. They can benefit from flexing their imaginations and developing strategies for moving ideas off the drawing board into reality.