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FourSight author, Gerard Puccio, PhD.


Accelerators are no-nonsense problem solvers.

Accelerators enjoy identifying problems and eliminating them. The Accelerator’s approach is direct and straightforward: find a problem or opportunity, and do something about it. They just plow straight through a challenge, showing little patience for considering a wide variety of ideas or for taking the time to refine and develop those ideas. Accelerators get stuff done. At their best, they seize opportunities and eliminate problems quickly and efficiently. The watch out here is impatience. The Accelerators’ urgency to reach the finish line makes them uncomfortable with the

ambiguity of generating lots of options and considering a wide range of ideas. They’d also just as soon skip over crafting ideas into elegant solutions. They just want the job done. Left to their own devices, Accelerators suffer from a tendency to run with the first idea that addresses the issue at hand. Accelerators may do well to collaborate with Ideators and Developers. They can benefit from putting the brakes on their forward momentum and opening up the challenge to new thinking and refined solutions.