Innovative Team: Unleash Creative Potential with Breakthrough Thinking

“We live in an age of unprecedented and rapidly accelerating change, in which everyone wants to be innovative, but few can define what that actually means or describe how to get there. Through simple language and storytelling, this book creates awareness of the creative resources in your organization and offers a proven framework to harness them and achieve real, measurable results."
Dr. Casimer DeCusatis, IBM Corporation; recipient of the 2011 Sigma Xi Walston Chubb Award for Innovation and the 2002 Mensa Copper Black Award for Creative Achievement

FourSight Thinking Profile


Need new solutions? Better ideas? More effective collaboration? FourSight opens the door to innovation and creativity with a research-based assessment that helps you tap your greatest resource—your brain.

Featured in the New York Times, Forbes, Fast Company, Entrepreneur and Training magazine, the FourSight Thinking Profile has been used by more than 90,000 people in businesses, schools and organizations around the globe to improve problem solving, collaboration and team performance.

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Where do you naturally light up in the innovation process? Are you a Clarifier? An Ideator? A Developer? An Implementer? Some combination?

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What about your group or team? Give them the assessment Fast Company calls, "a four-prong method used by businesses and in classrooms to help promote and demystify the creative process."

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