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FourSight is like a roadmap for your mind.

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What is FourSight?

FourSight is an innovation company, dedicated to the science of good thinking. We develop research-based tools, assessments and training designs proven to help individuals, teams and organizations solve complex problems more effectively. Our products draw from more than 60 years of research into critical and creative thinking. Our goal is to make these profound cognitive insights easy to teach, learn and apply.

FourSight's four-step process—clarify, ideate, develop and implement—is both universal and instinctive. Intuitive language makes it "sticky" for groups and organizations who want to transform the way people work together to solve problems. The simplicity and flexibility of the FourSight model allows it to play well other models—design thinking, TQM methods, and myriad creative thinking approaches—so FourSight can function as a catalyst to existing approaches.

How to get started?

Our work supports the people side of innovation. Our products are designed for innovation practitioners who want to help teams and organizations build the mindset, tool set and skill sets that support creative thinking, collaborative problem solving and cultures of innovation.

FourSight Thinking Profile. The first step is awareness, and we begin to build that with the FourSight assessment. Discover what kind of thinker you are. The profile is a personalized introduction to the universal problem solving process. It brings the self-awareness you need to cultivate the mindset for more innovation and effective problem solving. Every FourSight profile comes with a free 24-page, full-color feedback booklet. FourSight is available in 8 languages (English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish). 

Next come the FourSight: Your Tool Cards. This deck of tactical techniques actually improves your output when you clarify, ideate, develop and implement. The tool set works equally well for individuals and groups, serving as a playbook for innovative thinking.

Finally, the problem solving guide, FourSight's Innovation Station. Here's where the rubber hits the road. Armed with self awareness and edified by tools, you are ready to apply the four-step process to the very real problems and challenges you face.

We are tremendously proud of the research behind our work. Feel free to click and download a free copy of the complete FourSight Technical Manual which shows the work that validates the assessment.

To support the presenters, facilitators and innovation practitioners who use our tools, FourSight offers certification courses 3-4 times a year. While certification isn't required, most of our top users choose to get certified to gain deeper knowledge of the assessment, the research and the team and organizational applications. Certification comes with free followup webinars and coaching to support the successful use and adaptation of the assessment to your needs.

Who uses FourSight?

Innovation practitioners, executive coaches, team leaders, HR and OD professionals and management consultants use FourSight. So do professors, teachers, counselors and parents. The number of uses for FourSight is limited only by the number of practitioners who use it.

  • Innovation experts use to introduce corporate-wide innovation initiatives.
  • Team leaders use it to reduce conflict and boost performance.
  • Trainers use it to promote critical and creative thinking.
  • MBA students use it to build better teams.
  • Professors use it to teach innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • HR and OD professionals use it to support change initiatives.
  • Executive coaches use it to sharpen leadership skills.
  • Parents, spouses, and teens use it to understand their relationships.


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